8 Tips to Increase Your Brand Awareness

Brand awareness is part of the first and most important part of the customer journey. Eight tips on how to achieve a strong brand awareness can be found here on the blog of UFirst Group.

1. Get to know your customers

Did you know that around 60 percent of customers search online first before they buy in store, as a study by market researcher Nielsen¹ shows? Or that the number of digital touchpoints with which customers come into business contact, increases by 20 percent annually² and you can thus provide a decisive competitive advantage as customers come into contact with the product or service of your company? So deal with the latest technologies - especially with those your customers also use and put them in order for your business.

2. Good customer service

Did you know that the most influential advertising source that your business can have is still the good old word-of-mouth? It is unbiased, authentic and has, according to Nielsen, a high level of credibility by 84 percent of consumers. Do everything that existing customers perceive your company in a good light and adjust your service or customer service channels accordingly. The referring people will thank you.

3. Be active on Social Media

You do not like social media? For brand awareness, which is increasingly dominated by digital, you will not get around it. So it is worthwhile to engage in social channels - as many as possible. So you kill two birds with one stone: The company, which is recommended through social channels, is benefiting from the high credibility of the social media content - because people on social media determine themselves, whom they follow, and create their community itself, thus the trust of content divided increased massively. Secondly, the increased commitment on social media also have impact on your search engine results. Because the content on social media has a high credibility, you also get a higher weighting from search engines. And here we’re heading on to the next point:

4. Do everything for a better search engine ranking

44 percent of online shoppers start with an organic search on a popular search engine such as Google³. And did you know that the one ranked first on the first page gets⁴ around 33 percent of clicks ? Unfortunately, companies ranked on tenth place already get only 2.4 percent of clicks. So it pays off to increase your ranking with social media and/or mentions on other blogs or news sites.

5. Paid Advertising

Who quickly wants to bring about a change, we recommend to consider paid online advertising. There is a distinction between Google AdWords, which are set to searches on Google and display ads, which can be set on any page. The Google AdWords are very popular because they get a lot of clicks. The display ads on the other hand will get more visibility as they can be precisely targeted, but they are 42 percent less trusting and receive correspondingly fewer clicks, such as the study by Nielsen further shows¹.

6. Optimize your website

Do everything in order that the content on your website is easily found and shared. This means to install social sharing buttons on your pages to make it easier for your website visitors to share interesting content. Do not forget to place specific keywords to be associated with your company on your website so that potential customers searching for them in search engines will see you (Search Engine Optimization SEO). 

7. Create a strong brand identity

With what does your brand stand out? With your logo, the slogan, the colors or the Jingle? Create a clear, unified brand message that has a high recognition factor. In our opinion, everything that has an emotional appeal is useful: whether it is amusing, exciting or surprising. The effect that it triggers on the spectator is what matters. And this is greater, the more emotional the message is.

8. Content  

No brand survives in the longer term, if it doesn’t generate content. The customer no longer wants to buy the product or use the services of a trade mark only. He wants to get everything from one source. This also means to provide them with content that is associated with the product or service. For a shoe manufacturer, this may mean providing content on the latest shoe technology, about health-promoting properties of certain footwear or even creating a calendar to the main running events from the neighborhood. This means picking up the customer in all its aspects around the brand, create a long-term and sustainable customer loyalty and pave the way for long-term success.

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