Delighted and relaxed

Adrian Steiger knows, in which direction his clients stir the wooden spoon. As Head of Sales at Oswald he knows precisely the purchase and cook behaviour of Swiss people. Ultimately the company sells the most famous broth in Switzerland. In this interview Adrian explains the Oswald DNA and why responsive web design is on top of the list.

The online shop is live – are you deeply relaxed?

Well. I am deeply relaxed, as soon as the KPIs reach the stars - and I am confident. Anyway, I am relaxed as the launch was surprisingly smooth. In contrary to most relaunches, there was no revenue break-in – a positive surprise for all of us.

What would you personally never order online?

There are no limits, as long as the offer is serious. I would even order my bed online, except for the mattress, which I want to test first.

Oswald chose an online shop redesign in phases. Why?

Yes, we decided for this approach after the conceptual phase. It allows us to stay flexible and agile. This is elementary for us as we had to develop and integrate other systems such as the CRM or newsletter tool in parallel.

What makes responsive web design crucial for Oswald?

Half of our traffic is generated on mobile devices. Our analysis show, that especially prospects do have the first contact with the brand on a mobile devices. The acquisition of new customers is one of our major mid-term challenges. That is why we focus on it particularly.

Speaking of new customers. How does their purchase behaviour differ?

Inform on smartphone – buy on desktop! Usually prospects do not want to buy in the first place but they want to get informed. With the redesign we want to accommodate this and provide emotional content. Prospects can now easily get informed about Oswald specialities and let themselves inspire by tips and tricks. This is crucial to me, as we sell low involvement products.

The opportunities in m-commerce impact the purchase behaviour. That again has an impact on the dialog with the customer. How does Oswald react?

The analysis of the customer purchase and channel behaviour is a major topic for us. We precisely analyze how customers act cross channel in the real and virtual world – from the smartphone to desktop and back.

This impacts the communication with the customer. How do you approach?

Up to several years ago the customer advisor has been the major touchpoint to the customer. Today we count on a cross channel, integrated communication. Besides direct mailing and telesales the online shop will become a major part of the channel mix in the near future. The online shop will be the communication hub for information as well as for inspiration.

This implies that the direct sales becomes a discontinued model?

The customer advisor is part of the Oswald DNA and is an unique selling point for Oswald. Of course some customers do not wish any advisor ringing the bell, that is why the advisor will focus on consulting, providing tips and tricks as well as degustations.

In headwords: What does delight you about the new online shop?

Clear, well structured, lean, thought out, ageless design.

I was also delighted by a feedback I got from a friend: “This shop really makes me wanna buy broth.” What more can one want?

How do you see the collaboration with UFirst Group?

I especially liked the procedure in the conceptual phase. The workshops were very productive. For example the customer lifecycle evaluation, brand positioning or the purchase experience design. The collaboration was very profound but still pragmatic. I appreciate the flexibility of UFirst Group and their identification with Oswald. Thanks to that we had a lot of hard-line discussions about the ideal solution. We even bargained for it! My bottom line is: The right agency choice is elementary for a successful project.

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