Omnichannel: How it works at Vögele Shoes

How does a customer shop these days? In the video you can see, how an integrated omnichannel-experience works.

With the giant touchscreen gets shopping more exciting (click on the image to start the video).

Finally, the weekend begins! For the Saturday night party I would like to buy new shoes in the Vögele Shoes store.

Friday, I find out on my smartphone, where the nearest store is located. After work I go into the store and look first the entire shoes assortment of the branch at the huge touchscreen. I am interested in style, size and colors of the shoes. Finally I find the shoes I like. I scan it via QR-code to my smartphone and search on the touchscreen the accordant shoes in my particular size. I am not sure yet, which color fits the best to my favorite clothes as well as what I would like to dress for this evening. To let set all this thoughts, I generate my personal wishlist on the touchscreen in the store.

Aside from the shopping stress I am going through my wishlist on my tablet at home. I decide the color of shoes, which suits the best to my favorite party dress and fits well with my wardrobe. I order the shoes to the store next to my home, where I will pick it up Saturday morning. Hooray, I am looking forward to the evening, when the party goes on! Play Video

Why does UFirst Group write about this topic:

The touchscreen in the store of Vögele Shoes at the main station in Zurich is only an instrument to connect the on- and offline-sales perfectly. It allows showing the whole assortment of shoes to the customer and to offer an integrated omni- and cross-channel experience.
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