22. Juni 2016

The shop technology Spryker in Switzerland

The agency UFirst Group, which realized webshops for major Swiss companies, has expanded its technology portfolio with the agile webshop technology Spryker. As of now UFirst Group and Spryker serve together the Swiss market. Patrick Petzold, CEO UFirst Group, follows the Swiss e-commerce market for years and remarks: «Many companies have e-business visions that are out of reach with a standardized e-commerce system or barely to maintain from a technology point of view.» That is why UFirst Group counts on Spryker for visionary e-commerce projects with non-standardized processes.

Spryker is gaining importance

The software framework combines the advantages of a proprietary development with the convenience of an enterprise solution. That is why Spryker is interesting for the Swiss market. It allows a high level of customization and agility at a manageable development effort. Thanks to numerous modules that can be adapt flexibly or replaced by external modules. This reduces the time-to-market for new business models and allows independent, customer-centric development of webshops. Boris Lokshin, CEO Spryker Systems: «We are very pleased to have a strong partner with UFirst Group in Switzerland, that reaches the quality and experience of our partner network. Our experience with young German companies shows that they save up to eight months of development time and resources in their new projects.»

Spryker in use

The modular software principle behind Spryker has its roots in the growth-driven e-commerce projects of German incubator Rocket Internet. It has been further developed within the venture capital investor Project A Ventures. Based on the approach of market leaders, that execute analyzes purely data-driven, the software approach was established. It is particularly suitable for online sales under highly competitive pressure as it is subject to fast reactions and optimizations. The precursor of Spryker is already successfully in use in more than 100 young international companies.

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