Through the eyes of the designer

A year ago Marcel Landolt, Art Director at UFirst Group, did not have any Oswald broth on his kitchen shelf. Marcel leads you through the creative brand and design process starting with an initial desert.

Emptiness! As a designer I feel like being in an empty, dry desert at the beginning of a project. After diving in there is this one particular pixel that bangs at my head and brings all together. This is how it happened for the Oswald redesign and for many projects before. Be it previously in print or today in digital world.

Fertilizer for the design

Oswald is my third, major design project at UFirst Group. Changing from print to the digital would have been unimaginable a couple of years ago, as the design was digitally handcuffed – the standard font Arial was the limit. Today the sky is the limit! It is so much easier to transport feelings. That is what unites print and digital. Thus the brand communication becomes more stringent.

You can create designs without exploring the origins of the brand, however this makes the design chaotic, random and uninspired. For Oswald we did a brand evaluation in collaboration with the client. It prevents from creating just a detached design. And it also helps me personally to become a fan of the brand. Only like this a design becomes really good. I see the brand as a fertile soil – withouth it there is no growth. We create web appearance in the long term. On the one hand side the web shop is getting better and better over months and the content is getting more profound. On the other the design as well as the brand evolves. That is the good thing about digital: there is no end. It forces you to push forward steadily. Together with the client we push the brand, contents and the design. To accelerate growth we need the ideas out of the conceptual phase as a fertilizer. And there are a lot of ideas in the pipeline! The pipeline will endure at least for two or three years.

The positive lack of knowledge

I approached the design process very broadly and directly as I did not know the brand Oswald before. A huge advantage for a designer as I am. Creating the suitable design for Oswald was a balancing act between modernity, tradition, competence and quality. Of course the Swiss roots are part of the brand. That is why I focused on reducing selective design elements. Pure shapes and strong contrasts are important elements for the Oswald appearance.

So there is still the question, whether the design succeeds. I believe so. We manage to transport feelings, bring the brand to life and just make the people curious about Oswald.

by Marcel Landolt, UFirst Group

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