Best of Swiss Web 2015: SIX Chartmaker

Are brochures and flyers obsolete in B2B sales? Perhaps. In many situations, they are an ideal tool for conveying information to our customers. In a time when purchase decisions are made online more and more - even in B2B - the point is definitely valid.

Meeting customers with a tablet

This is the approach of Chartmaker by SIX Payment Services, provider of cashless payment solutions. Chartmaker is a webbases sales tool for over 120 sales representatives spread over Europe. SIX came to UFirst Group with this idea and commissioned them to conceptualize, design and develop Chartmaker. The advertising agency Inhalt & Form designed over 130 condensed, visual slide consisting of brochures, flyers and presentations in parallel. The HTML5 content is interactive and adds a new dimension to sales pitches. Chartmaker allows sales representatives to directly access his client presentation. It allows the flexibility needed with diverse customer segments ranging from florists to international hotel chains. Chartmaker provides easy access to standard presentations for florists. But creating custom tailored client presentations for hotel managers is also a breeze.

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How sales reps review Chartmaker (with audio)

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Chartmaker Case Video (with audio)