Mobile and Custom Applicationes by UFirst: Stay one step ahead of rising demands

The percentage of mobile users on E-Commerce sites is constantly rising and has become an important customer segment. UFirst has the tools and experience to showcase your application on mobiles. We are familiar with the different requirements of mobile and desktop users and can fulfill these with state-of-the-art solutions. This will make your online shop will reachable from any place and device.


We are experienced in responsive design. But we also know when a mobile version of your application makes sense.


We love the freedom tablets offer and know how to exploit these for your profit. The range of applications for tablets is far from being exhausted. We enjoy pushing these boundaries farther and farther.

We have creative ideas and numerous possibilities how tablets can be used. We are looking forward to developing tablet-fitted solutions for you.

Complex websites and custom development

Our user experience developers present processes clearly. We make sure your customers find their way on complex websites and have a satisfying experience. Our creativity helps us to find new paths and make the impossible possible. In addition, we have the technical know-how to integrate or custom develop complex structures and processes.

Custom & Mobile Projects:

SIX Payment Services: «Chartmaker»

Digital communication on tablets and notebooks in sales pitches? A few months ago, those were still dreams of the future for the 120 sales representatives at SIX. The acceptance in sales being fundamental to the endeavor, next to attractive content a user-friendly, intuitive interface for «Chartmaker» was key. And this is exactly where UFirst Group was able to convince us: From the pitch over the workshop with sale all the way to the roll-out of «Chartmaker», simplicity was the focus. Devising and designing the complex application in this way greatly simplified the task for the communication experts at SIX; Bits, Bytes and program code where never a focus. This way, we were able to complete concentrate on the essentials while UFirst Group took care of the rest reliably. The solidly planned and smoothly executed project management lead to a care-free launch in September 2014. UFirst Group's performanced was underlined by an external company which subjected «Chartmaker» to a thorough security check. Internally at SIX, the new digital communications solution is being met with approval all the way up to the management committee.

We are very much looking forward to the further development of «Chartmaker» together with UFirst Group!

Philipp Lehmann & Astrid Hohlenstein,
SIX Payment Services


SIX Chartmaker

Swisscom Schweiz AG: User-friendly interface

UFirst was asked to assess the ease-of-use of Swisscom Safe - one of our products for SME and private customers. Starting with a working but cumbersome technology, the best possible user experience needed to be built. UFirst was able to transform Swisscom Safe into a modern, user-friendly tool, despite its shortcomings. The collaboration with UFirst was efficient, to-the-point and expeditious.

Stefan Mauron
Head of Strategic Initiatives

Swisscom Schweiz AG

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