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Revolutionary presentation software for SIX Payment Services: «Chartmaker»

One-dimensional PowerPoint presentations and long-winded product flyers are things of the analog past at SIX Payment Services. The leading Swiss specialist for financial information and payment transactions asked UFirst to develop presentation software with a twist. The resulting «Chartmaker» is a success and combines all the advantages of an intelligent digital presention tool.

The challenge

More than 120 sales representatives work in multiple locations at Six Payment Services. SIX wanted to unburden them, quite literally, moving from stacks of paper to modern digital presentations. The sales specialists needed a tool which was not only easy to use but also accessible from anywhere. Displaying content in a visually appealing manner was a key point; the presentation needed to be a pleasant customer experience.

The idea

SIX commissioned UFirst to conceptualize, design and implement a suitable software system. The advertising agency Inhalt & Form was in charge of shaping and concentrating content: they developed the form and content and an independent imagery based on the CI/CD guidelines of SIX. The idea was to collaboratively develop a multimedia and multichannel tool with which the sales force could easily and independently create, modify and shape content in a visually appealing manner - while resting assured that the content (products and service offerings) is always up-to-date.

The solution

The «Chart­maker» is a result of the productive collaboration between the software developers and the advertising agency. The web-based presentation software is built with the Javascript framework AngularJS. The solid foundation made it possible to build a self-explanatory user interface allowing simple and efficient handling. As always, UFirst used open source technology providing the required flexibility, speed, security and stabilty of the system.

UFirst worked closely with test users from the sales department at SIX, adhering to their User First methodology. During the entire development phase user input flowed int the development, ensuring the new software solution resulted in a user friendly application.

See some of the presentations created by the Chartmaker.

The result

«Chartmaker» overcame all challenges brilliantly and met with great approval at SIX. The sales representative has technical competency at his finger tips, making him more efficient.  He can put together his individual presentation with little effort. The contents are always up to date thanks to central storage. Changes and amendments are instantly visible in all affected charts and languages. The presentation can be held on- or offline and even complex topics can be visualized neatly. The sales rep can exchange elements of a customer presentation if needed and share changes. The marketing department profits as well. Thanks to central content management, they retain control over the correct application of the corporate identity and design. The internal IT specialists can rely on a banking standards security level and does not need to worry about packaging and installation since the application is web based.

The beauty of it all: «Chartmaker» is a modern, interactive sales facilitation tool which mirrors the innovation capacity inherent to SIX' own products.

Customer voices

Digital communication on tablets and notebooks in sales pitches? A few months ago, those were still dreams of the future for the 120 sales representatives at SIX. The acceptance in sales being fundamental to the endeavor, next to attractive content a user-friendly, intuitive interface for «Chartmaker» was key. And this is exactly where UFirst Group was able to convince us: From the pitch over the workshop with sale all the way to the roll-out of «Chartmaker», simplicity was the focus. Devising and designing the complex application in this way greatly simplified the task for the communication experts at SIX; Bits, Bytes and program code where never a focus. This way, we were able to complete concentrate on the essentials while UFirst Group took care of the rest reliably. The solidly planned and smoothly executed project management lead to a care-free launch in September 2014. UFirst Group's performanced was underlined by an external company which subjected «Chartmaker» to a thorough security check. Internally at SIX, the new digital communications solution is being met with approval all the way up to the management committee.

We are very much looking forward to the further development of «Chartmaker» together with UFirst Group!

Philipp Lehmann & Astrid Hohlenstein,
SIX Payment Services

SIX Chartmaker

Best of Swiss Web

SIX Chartmaker has been nominated for the Best of Swiss Web Award 2015. We are very proud and looking forward to the awards show.

We have created a small demo video for Chartmaker. View it here: Chartmaker DEMO

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