The brand and shopping experience of BLACKSOCKS

With the recent web redesign BLACKSOCKS is one step ahead of its customers and actually knows before them, when the closet needs fresh supply. Thanks to the all knowing user account the closet is fully equipped again with just 4 clicks.

Looking back to the time before: Website and webshop did not form a flawless unit. Despite the great importance of the webshop for a pure e-commerce player such as BLACKSOCKS. One look at the shop in the here and now is enough: The appearance offers a coherent brand and shopping experience. It keeps up with the BLACKSOCKS credo “Everything is branding - everything is shopping”.

See yourself!
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Best of Swiss Web

Together with BLACKSOCKS we won gold in the category Business at the best of Swiss web awards 2016. That's not enough: We reached the second place in the category Marketing as well.

We are excited and proud about these two prizes.