Quicklizard: The right way to respond to your competitor's prices

QuickLizard is a leading product level intelligence and product management suite with powerful analytic and pricing optimization capabilities. Quicklizard solution provides you with up-to-date internal and competitors analytics and allows you to wisely design your pricing, marketing and advertisement strategy.

QuickLizard’s automated software solution uses Big Data technology to enable e-tail sites to increase profit and conversion. It applies the same disciplines used by sophisticated algorithmic trading engines in stock markets, enabling your e-commerce site to automatically take advantage of market discrepancies in real time and to achieve its full revenue potential.

Our Quicklizard services

Rule-driven dynamic pricing

Our rule-driven dynamic pricing enables you to set automatic dynamic pricing rules to your competitors. It allows you to stand in the desired ratio to your competitors at any time. It further delivers actionable price and product recommendations that can be performed either automatically by the system or manually by the product manager. 

Price scraping management

Designed to scrape through the entire catalogs of desired competitor products and prices. The full competitor catalogs will be displayed on your user interface. 

Dynamic Pricing for the travel industry

Our solution for companies working within the travel industry. Prices from your competitors are directly scraped from leading travel softwares and displayed on your user interface of Quicklizard. 

UFirst Group and Quicklizard

UFirst Group sells Quicklizard in Switzerland and is the official partner for the DACH-Region. Are you interested in a free trial of Quicklizard? Contact us here for a free demo. 

That's how Quicklizard looks like:

Dynamic Pricing in the press

That's what the Swiss press says about dynamic pricing. Intersting article in the Tagesanzeiger.

Dynamic pricing in the Tagesanzeiger

Artikel im Blog

«Der Kunde wird sich daran gewöhnen müssen, dass die Preise sich ändern.»

Interview mit Patrick Petzold, CEO UFirst Group über Vor- und Nachteile des dynamischen Preismanagements. 

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