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App Development

Always at the cutting edge of technology

UFirst is your full service expert for digital products. We offer a comprehensive range of services, from strategy and concept development to implementation and the ongoing development of your digital projects. We also offer product and app development to ensure you stay on the cutting edge of technology.

With the Favur product, we have launched the first product of our own, which is geared towards the needs of the hospitality industry. We therefore have both expertise in app development and extensive expertise from a user perspective.

App development

App development for you and your customers

Do you have certain requirements or ideas in mind, but don't yet know whether you want to develop a web application or app from them? We help you to concretize your idea, implement your requirements and develop a concept. We support you with your project from A to Z.


We create customized solutions for you. Depending on the initial situation, we develop something new or optimize your existing solution.

Philipp Lehmann

Partner & Product Owner

On the road to success with current technologies

We ensure that the developed apps and their implementation are at the cutting edge of technology, using the most current proven tools and frameworks to ensure the highest possible quality.
For example, our custom-developed app Favur uses Ionic in combination with react. We are also experienced with other frameworks, such as ReactNative or Flutter.


App publication

On the cutting edge with DevOps

We have extensive know-how in deploying native apps. We know inside out all the specific requirements that need to be met in order to publish apps via iOS and Android.
Our fully automated CI/CD process enables effortless deployments and app releases. This ensures that only stable and bug-free software is delivered to our customers and users. At the same time, we know that testing and iterative approaches are fundamental to agile software development. Therefore, we also provide multiple test environments or versions of the same application to ensure that the highest possible quality of solutions is deployed in production.


App marketing

Marketing of your app

In addition, we have great expertise in managing apps in the iOS and Android stores, including their marketing and analytics. With us, you always have the most important figures of your app at hand.


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Portrait Philipp Lehmann
Partner & Product Owner

Philipp Lehmann

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