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UX Design

Design is More Than Good Looks

A team of concept developers and designers work closely together at UFirst to ensure a fast go-live for your digital products. After all, a quick market launch requires an integrated approach along the entire development chain. That’s why our design team not only focuses on the user but also evaluates technological opportunities and risks from the very start.

UX Design

Design That Works

In our concepts, we strive for a high level of consistency and modularity across all platforms and devices. This way we ensure a high degree of brand recognition and identity as well as efficiency in implementation. Building a particularly functional design is the focus of our work. We achieve this by thoroughly analyzing your business and your market environment.

Context in Focus


Tangible Concepts Thanks to Prototypes

Our approach is based on the design thinking process. We substantiate our concepts through the use of prototypes. An example of this is feeding your data directly into our prototypes in accordance with the data-first strategy. Prototypes simulate real-life situations in which potential obstacles can be identified early on. Our concepts are then validated over several iterations in collaboration with you and your users.


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