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Digital innovation

Product development

Innovations developed today ensure the continued existence and growth of companies tomorrow. The constant further development of services and products is probably the most important task of a company. In doing so, it is important to pick up on technological and social trends at an early stage and to develop solutions that are compatible with them.


Cross Functional
Cross Functional Teams

UFirst helps you innovate

UFirst supports you and your company in the development of digital service and product innovations. Our well-coordinated, agile teams have the necessary know-how, skills and experience to bring your project to market quickly and in a targeted manner. Experience, technology and business go hand in hand.


Innovation process
Innovation process

Biz MVP Scale

Identifying and understanding the needs of potential users is the start of our innovation process. We develop the value proposition of your innovation project together with your most important stakeholders and validate it with your (potential) customers at an early stage. In rapid cycles, we make your service or product vision tangible for your customers and testable for you. 

In order to keep the time-to-market with your project as short as possible, we start with an MVP (minimum viable product) after only a few weeks / sprints. This way, you receive feedback from the first, real customers as early as possible. 

Already at the beginning we think about the scaling of your innovation and prepare the necessary setup, so that you can start the scaling phase after the successful market launch of your MVP.


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