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Strategy & consulting

Focus on Digital Opportunities

We help you sharpen your digital business model. Our track record in e-commerce makes us the right partner to exploit your business opportunities in the digital world. Our advice is sound both on the strategic and operational levels.


Promising Path for Your Initiatives

We guide you through a myriad of digital options towards the right path for you. With a short time to market, we generate fast market feedback while fostering strong user involvement. Clear objectives and a thorough understanding of your business model form the basis of our consulting work. Our value analysis helps you set the right priorities and seize opportunities.

Our profound understanding of your business model ensures that our strategic advice is effective.

Philipp Lehmann

Project Manager @UFirst

Consulting – Beyond Your Online Store

Your online store is often the starting point of a further-reaching digital push. Our expertise in e-commerce consulting is geared towards this. We provide the answers to the digital issues around topics such as:

  • Services for customer retention
  • Tools to activate your sales units
  • Tools to support your operations divisions
  • Omnichannel services for your customers