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Technology for the User

In today’s world where web personalization is done in real-time, choosing the right technology has become even more critical. That’s why our specialists are constantly reviewing new technologies – so that you can realize your digital business model without any restrictions. We support you in selecting the technology that best suits your objectives. Our experts also advise you on the evaluation of new tools for your company.


More Operational Freedom

Choosing the right technology leads to many advantages, including conceptual freedom and substantially enhanced user experience.

«Can we go live tomorrow?»

Client expectations

In addition to the right technology, the right approach is increasingly important in software development today. After all, fast user feedback is crucial for the correct positioning of your digital products on the market. Added to this is your need for fast go-lives. “Better today than tomorrow” is the credo. That’s why our software developers use the DevOps method to ensure that small functional packages can go live continuously. Through all of this, automated testing provides the security necessary to assure quality at all times.


Broadly Diversified in E-Commerce

Our technology portfolio is broadly diversified. Almost the entire range of e-commerce projects can be realized with the proven open-source system Magento Enterprise or with the Spryker OS. The Javascript frameworks Angular and React give your online presence an additional boost. After ten years in this field, we know what counts – realizing your customized digital sales channel in a sustainable and scalable way and ensuring smooth maintenance.

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