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How well do you know your customers and your data?

Big Data

Have you collected a wealth of customer data, but kept it siloed in different systems such as your newsletter tool, CRM, and online store? Many companies still struggle with data silos, unable to break them down completely. Newsletter tools, for instance, are aimless as long as customers have not subscribed to the newsletter. Consequently, customers are addressed in an impersonal way.

With the volume of customer data growing, the need for unified data storage is also increasing. By bringing together all of a customer’s data in one location,’s Customer Data Platform (CDP) offers an efficient solution. literally places customer data at the center and consistently stores it there, regardless of where it comes from:

  • In-store purchase
  • Order in the online store
  • Search query on the website
  • Call with customer service

It’s only by linking data from different sources that a personalized approach is possible. This is what is designed for.


Get to Know Your Customers Better

The data collected during the purchasing process and from CRM give you a fairly good picture of your customers. But how a customer behaves on your website often remains a mystery. meticulously tracks this behavior, from a customer’s simple search query to the item on his or her wish list.

Thanks to, you know your customer even before their first purchase.

Unified customer data opens up new potential for customer interaction. With, sending out blanket newsletters will be a thing of the past. Your campaigns will be personalized in terms of content, including product suggestions based, for example, on your customers’ current wish lists.


WhatsApp or Email? not only knows the purchasing behavior of your customers but also their preferred channel of communication. allows you to create a dialog with your customers across a variety of channels and selects the appropriate communication channel for each customer:

  • Email
  • Text message
  • WhatsApp
  • Website overlay
  • Push notifications
  • Ads

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