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UFirst has several years of hands-on experience as a Drupal integrator. So far, we have realized various Drupal projects, including official websites and fully customized systems, for which we take advantage of the huge Drupal community and use open-source modules.

Drupal is a free content management system. It allows the operation of a website without any profound technical know-how. The Drupal CMS is perfectly suited for community-oriented websites with intensive interaction between users. Over the last few years, the Drupal community has developed hundreds of modules that allow users of this system to extend its functionality in a relatively simple way.

Custom Solution

UFirst Is Part of the Community

UFirst has often used Drupal in recent years. We have also developed our own modules and made them available to the community. With the SEO Compliance Checker, for example, UFirst maintains its own community module. It is compatible with Drupal 6 and Drupal 7 and is used for more than 1,800 websites.


Reliable SEO

With regards to SEO, Drupal is one step ahead of many other systems. Extended with key SEO modules, it is a powerful tool for building websites that are optimized for search engines. For operators of a Drupal website, we recommend the book Drupal 6 Search Engine Optimization by Ben Finklea, which was proofread by UFirst co-founder Michael Ruoss.

Learn More about Drupal

Learn more about how Drupal works or try it yourself with the online demo version on the official Drupal website.