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What is Elixir?

Elixir is a dynamic, functional language designed to create scalable and maintainable applications. Its robustness, scalability, and fault-tolerance make it an ideal choice for any high-demand service.

Our developers love the rich ecosystem that has evolved around Elixir and it is a true enabler in terms of productivity.  Using Elixir has not only optimized our work processes, but also reduced the time-to-market of our products. It stands at the core of our technology strategy.


Elixir in use

Elixir in daily operations at UFirst

Elixir operates numerous services and proxy servers that form a reliable interface between our clients' systems and the backend data stores. Its high efficiency has proven to be a great choice for data transformation tasks, where speed and reliability are crucial. Additionally, Elixir is the driving force behind our App Favur, providing best-in-class performance, scalability and fault-tolerance. Our developers also prefer to use Elixir and its ecosystem for quick proof of concepts and deliver internal applications swiftly.

Phoenix LiveView

Revolutionizing Backoffice Applications

Elixir and Phoenix harmonize perfectly with each other: Elixir forms the basis as a functional programming language. As a powerful, dynamic web development framework, Phoenix offers seamless integration for the development of robust and scalable web applications. It has played an important role, in conjunction with LiveView, in transforming our approach to backoffice application development, as well as data management and visualization. The real-time capabilities provided by Phoenix LiveView enable us to build user interfaces that are not only interactive but highly responsive. They offer live data updates thanks to built-in web socket usage. Ecto, an Elixir-based database modelling library, combined with Phoenix, provides outstanding application development and data processing speed. Ecto's efficient approach to data manipulation perfectly complements Phoenix's front-end capabilities. Together, they allow for rapid development and deployment of data-intensive applications.


Fast product delivery, higher customer satisfaction

Elixir has proven to be extremely reliable for high-load scenarios, confirming its reputation for fault-tolerance and robustness. Using Elixir has enabled us to deliver products faster, with greater reliability, which in turn has contributed to higher customer satisfaction.

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Find out more about the Elixir programming language on the official Elixir website.

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