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Headless CMS

It is no longer news that headless CMS are the future of content management systems. With the increasing demands on the web, the content creators have to offer the content to the users in an appropriate way. This is becoming more and more challenging with the increasing use of different types of end devices. Content must be able to be displayed optimally on different devices and channels. The demands on content management systems are therefore constantly increasing.


Headless - no frontend, only backend

Classic CMS reach their limits when content and its presentation are tightly linked. Headless CMS provide a remedy here. These do not have their own front end, but only a back end and a programming interface, a so-called API or RESTful API. This is used to deliver the data to other applications. This means that content and its presentation are independent of each other. You can decide for yourself which front-end applications should be used. The content can be used on multiple devices and can be presented individually via different media and channels. This means that multiple channels can be used simultaneously with less effort.



Content management with the leading pure content platform

Leading headless CMS in the open source world is Strapi. It is 100% JavaScript based and customizable to meet any requirements. It provides users with user-friendly interfaces for editing content.
When it comes to data storage, you are not bound, but have freedom to decide where to keep the data. This means control over the security, performance and cost of the project.
The very large, active community provides many, individual solutions. The chances are high that someone in the community has already implemented the solution you are looking for.



Headless CMS follow the API-first approach


UFirst is an experienced Strapi partner and can officially call itself a "Professional Partner". Our qualified developers know all the details and professionally implement your demanding needs.


User first

More than just a CMS 

Strapi has moved away from being a purely backend developer-oriented framework to a headless CMS for content creators and front-end developers. It is now part of a plugin ecosystem that is continuously expanding. Everyone has the possibility to easily extend Strapi via plugins as well as customize the admin interface to their needs - for more efficient work. Since 2022, Strapi has a brand new user interface and design system, which is particularly user-friendly and appealing.


Learn more about Strapi

Learn more about how Strapi works on the official Strapi website.



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