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They did it again – Vercel Storage

Tools for the app development

Vercel is a very exciting company nowadays.
Yes, this may sound weird taking into account the boom of AI and ChatGPT, where the web interface – the main thing Vercel is focused on – seems to die in the near future. Wherever AI will find the information then...

But web development is still alive, and the best tools we have to create awesome apps are coming from Vercel. First with NextJS, but also with the hosting service ( where you can deploy your app for free in a few seconds. And the price for the production hosting is really affordable for any entrepreneur. Can AI provide us with that kind of stuff? Aha! Checkmate!



NextJS and Gatsby

NextJS and Gatsby

A few years ago we started to play with those new players on the block: Gatsby and NextJS. Gatsby was more popular but NextJS was special. "It seems more professional than Gatsby", I told a colleague when he asked me for a verdict. It was not perfect then but because of the way they approached SSR and SSG it seemed like a clear winner to me. Years later NextJS became the best React framework.

NextJS and (hosting service) are its flagship product, but it was kind of incomplete as we still need some other services to store our data (database, datastore, storage, queues, etc). And the startup scene got used to services like Upstash (queues, cronjobs, Redis), PlanetScale (MySQL), Neon (PostgreSQL), Axiom (logs), and others. Also for free (the "hobby" version, totally enough to start any project). Where you can start using their services after just a few clicks, avoiding dealing with AWS, GCP, Kubernetes, and tons and tons of configuration files and tests…


Serverless storage

But Vercel has done it again, they have gone one step further and have just launched Vercel Storage: Redis, Postgres, and objects storage. Serverless. Just click-click and the service is ready to be used by your app. For free.
Smart guys, teamed up with Neon and Upstash to provide those services, so reliability and quality are fully guaranteed.
Getting any project up and running today is easier and cheaper than ever, and Vercel is leading the way in this new era.

Author: Javier Pérez, Senior Full Stack Developer

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