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Favur – Our product for the hospitality industry

As a full service provider, the UFirst Group has competencies to implement your idea from the conception of your app or web application, to the realization, operation, support and further development. Thanks to our extensive experience, we can develop the best solution for your specific requirements. We also work with you to develop ideas for a business opportunity.
With Favur we have developed our own business case and realized our own app, which has won several awards. We therefore have extensive experience from both a developer and user perspective.

Favur simplifies life for catering and hotel businesses

In the catering and hotel industry, there are many employees who work for several employers at the same time and change their jobs frequently - also for seasonal reasons. In addition, duty rosters change frequently, making collaboration difficult.
Experience a new era of absence and duty roster management with Favur: No more tedious gathering of information via WhatsApp, email, phone or verbally. And no more repeatedly printing or sending roster updates. Favur makes these tedious and error-prone tasks a thing of the past.

With Favur, an app and web application has been created for the hospitality industry that significantly simplifies collaboration between HR and employees.

Favur currently works for customers using Mirus 4 software.
Mirus is the most widely used software in the hospitality industry in Switzerland.

One app for the entire career

One app and one login make it easy for employees to keep track of their data and documents.
For employers, queries from former employees are a thing of the past. Employees can view historical salary statements from their last employer at any time. They are not lost in the event of a change of job.

Employees always have these data and documents at hand in the app and web application:

  • Work schedules & working hours overview of the current part-time positions.
  • Working hours overview of the second employer
  • Pay slips of all three employers
  • Personal data (master data) maintained once, shared at any time
  • Historical wage statements of the last employers
  • ...and much more
«Favur significantly expands the functionality of current HR back-office programs and enables timely delegation of authority directly to employees.»

Patrick Petzold

CEO & Partner

The smart helper at a glance

Favur offers various useful functions.
These are the most important ones at a glance:

  • Duty rosters
  • Documents, like pay slips
  • Vacation plans & absence requests
  • Master data of employees
  • Working time control
  • Workflow management
  • Employee onboarding
Data Security

High data security guaranteed

Sensitive HR data is stored in the app, which requires high security standards. All data is handled with the utmost care, because data security has top priority. External security audits are carried out on a regular basis.
Employees have a login and also a personal PIN for sensitive areas (2-factor authentication), such as salary or personal information.

Optimization of collaboration

By using Favur, you save yourself a lot of time and facilitate collaboration between HR departments and employees as well as between direct supervisors and employees.
For example, while absences without Favur are laboriously collected via WhatsApp, email, by phone or verbally, or roster updates have to be repeatedly printed or sent, this is a thing of the past when using Favur.


Mirus 4 – Behind the scenes of Favur

Favur was developed for Mirus customers and ideally prepares the information from Mirus 4 for the employees. With Favur, you rely on a digital exchange of information throughout the company. Mirus 4 is the digital helper behind the scenes for employee management and personnel planning, Favur the modern interface for your employees. Through Favur, legacy software has been enhanced with a simple and intuitive user interface.
However, with Favur not only your employees benefit, but also HR managers: Thanks to the app, distributing payroll at the end of the month becomes a breeze. One click in Mirus 4 and every employee has his/her pay slip on his/her smartphone.

Using Favur has many advantages for Mirus customers:

  • Time saving for all HR administration tasks
  • Structured approach & working method thanks to workflows
  • Automatic, error-free transfer of data in real time between employer and employee
  • No media breaks in the entire HR process
  • Employees are always up to date with the latest information
  • Clear communication channels with relevant information
  • Time-consuming queries to superiors, employees and HR are eliminated
  • Automatic push of reminders etc. by Favur
  • Recording of vacation absences by employees in Favur
  • Distribution of monthly sheets and pay slips via app
  • No more manual signing of monthly sheets required
  • Improved protection of HR data
  • Paperless HR dossier beyond the employee's departure
  • and many more
Packages & prices

Packages and prices

There are two different Favur packages available for Mirus 4 customers:

  • Basic: CHF 3.00 per payroll/month (basic functionality)
  • Classic: CHF 6.00 per payroll/month (various additional functions)

For more information about Favur's services and functional scope, please visit Mirus.

Learn more about Favur

We are very committed to providing you with the best solution and taking your business to the next level. Are you interested in Favur's features and packages? If so, the Mirus team will be happy to advise you.
Are you interested in technical aspects of Favur or do you have any questions? Contact us without any obligation. We will be glad to help you.

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