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As a Swiss online pioneer, BLACKSOCKS knows all about the importance of the perfect shopping experience in the virtual world. The BLACKSOCKS business model is based on the sale of socks by subscription. This is why, for the relaunch of the online store, our project team put the brand experience center stage throughout the conceptualization and design phase. The brand experience binds the customer to the brand, even after the actual subscription purchase.

Everything is brand – everything is shop

Samy Liechti

Customer Retention

Clever Customer Retention

For BLACKSOCKS, the key success factor is retaining customers beyond the point of purchase – through a well-thought-out digital customer experience. Together with UFirst, BLACKSOCKS developed sophisticated functions along the customer journey and meticulously designed the customer touchpoints that follow the purchase. The brand experience takes priority over the shopping experience throughout.

Thanks to the MeBar and its sophisticated user recognition, customer login is no longer necessary.

Sock Barometer
The sock barometer in the customer’s account knows when it’s time to restock on socks.

The More Button
Safely tucked away in the sock drawer, this physical order button makes it unnecessary for customers to go through checkout.


Winner of the Best of Swiss Web Award

The relaunch of the BLACKSOCKS online store was recognized by the most important award in Switzerland’s web industry, the Best of Swiss Award. The renowned jury of experts presented the BLACKSOCKS and UFirst project with the Gold Award in the category Business Efficiency and the Silver Award in the category Online Marketing. In addition, the relaunch was shortlisted from over 400 entries for the Master of Swiss Web as one of eleven nominated projects.


Drupal Reinforces the Strategy

In its brand experience, BLACKSOCKS places a strong emphasis on good content linked to its store functionalities, also known as Content & Commerce. This is one of the reasons why Drupal Commerce was selected as the right technology: This open-source software combines e-commerce functionalities with Drupal’s long-established CMS and SEO expertise. As a result, the strengths of the Drupal technology underscore BLACKSOCKS’ content commerce strategy.