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A digital solution for central interaction between employees and employers has been sought in vain in the Swiss hospitality industry until now. UFirst and Mirus, leading Swiss provider of software solutions in the hospitality sector, had a vision of a new HR collaboration tool for hotels, restaurants and tourism businesses.
With the Favur brand, an app was created to fix the collaboration problems – and has already won several awards.



With Favur, we have created a secure product for modern collaboration in the hospitality industry.

Philipp Lehmann

Partner UFirst
Data security

Data security in first place

Favur is the app that redefines the collaboration between employees and supervisors. The sensitive HR data that is stored in the app requires high security standards. Special attention had to be paid to this requirement. All data is handled with care, because data security has top priority. An external security audit was conducted specifically for this purpose.





Employees can be connected to multiple hospitality businesses through only one user account.



Increasing efficiency

HR information is communicated to employees in a clear and structured way using Favur. The dialog between the parties is now very well organized right from the start and the response times to all HR inquiries are greatly reduced.
The administrative effort has been massively reduced by the app on all operational levels.


Access to historical data is possible beyond any termination.


Everything at a glance

The Favur app, developed for customers of the Mirus hospitality software, simplifies everyday operations and digitizes employee management throughout the entire company.
Employees have their duty rosters, pay slips, vacation plans, master data and working time checks directly on their smartphones. Detours via e-mail or WhatsApp are no longer necessary. A major advantage is that employees can enter and update their master data themselves and inform the employer of any changes. The overall admin effort has thus been greatly reduced.

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