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Oswald’s direct sale of bouillon in Swiss kitchens is a success story in itself. However, the same is not true for its pre- and post-processing of sales: In their daily work, sales consultants and office staff had to deal with reorders by fax and non-transparent customer data.

But just pulling the plug on the fax machine and investing in tablets doesn’t make sales talks digital or efficient. That’s why Oswald tasked UFirst with analyzing the company’s direct sales and developing a strategy for digital sales consulting.

Data First

Data Reinforces the Sales Talk

For a few years now, Oswald has operated an online store developed by UFirst and based on the Magento e-commerce system. However, there were some barriers between the customer data collected online and offline. For example, the customer account of the online store did not provide an overview of all orders. UFirst took the project as an opportunity to focus, in particular, on enhanced customer data, including the seamless integration of CRM data and data from the online store.



Data, not tablets, are fundamental in a sales talk.

Data First

The project tore down the barriers between online and offline. Today, there is one data source per customer: Sales consultants see every single CRM activity of the customer on their tablets, from the last online order to the flyer or sample sent by mail. This is crucial to prepare for a sales talk within a few minutes.

UX Design

UX Geared to the Sales Cycle

Once a solid database was in place, UFirst and Oswald were able to build on it for the next project steps. In the conceptualization phase, the UFirst team worked with Oswald’s sales staff to analyze their conversations with customers and identify any weaknesses and potential. Based on this, UFirst developed various digital tools along the sales cycle to facilitate visits to customers.

1. Prepare quickly

Based on CRM data and geodata, the contact tool suggests to the salesperson the customer visits for that day.

2. Introduce inspiring products

The recommendation tool makes it easy for the product development team to introduce new products to customers in specific segments.

3. Efficient post-processing

The ordering tool offers all the advantages of completely digital order processing – a big relief for sales staff and office staff alike.