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Yallo, a renowned full service provider for mobile, internet and TV services, wanted to improve the possibilities for its sales staff at the point of sale in their daily work with customers. During an extensive user testing, it turned out that the optimization of the customer care processes was of crucial importance.
In user testing, the functionality of a tool, app or website is tested by target users, or by people who represent the target users. The users then evaluate the product. These assess the product, which then allows the company to make optimizations. The goal is to meet the requirements of the target market and audience and to improve the user experience (UX).


With the newly designed POS tool, Yallo now has more extensive options for providing its customers with the best possible service. Customer service at the point of sale has been raised to a new level.

Philipp Lehmann

Partner UFirst

Customer Care moves to first place

Yallo's sales staff had already been using a POS tool that helped them to conclude contracts and view various products and prices. However, the focus of the tool was hardly on customer care processes, such as billing information, resetting the PUK of a SIM card, or changing master data. The tool had hardly been further developed over the years.


From old to new – successful re-design

The goals of the project were clearly defined: The needs of all user groups were to be collected and prioritized in order to redesign the POS tool for the desktop. But the challenges were not to be underestimated. With a broad target group that had diverse requirements, and an already popular and heavily used tool, a proposal had to be developed that achieved a high level of acceptance among the users - as well as taking into account the great acceptance and usefulness of the previous version.


Innovative solution for the sales staff

In developing an innovative solution, the focus was on two key areas: The design of the checkout for all products and the implementation of the new self-care part. The aim was to create an appealing design that was intuitive and user-friendly. In addition, the successful approach of the existing tool – saving resources – had to be retained and sensibly developed further.


Outstanding user experience

The design concept developed by UFirst allowed for easy implementation by Yallo's internal development team. The designs were created in Figma, a state-of-the-art tool for easy and smooth collaboration between the design team and developers. 

Yallo's new POS tool provides an improved user experience for sales associates and makes it easier to access important information and functions. Requests can now be handled more efficiently and user needs are met much better.